ACURA TLX HOOD (ALUMINUM)**CAPA** OEM#60100TZ3A90ZZ 2015-2017 PL#AC1230128C

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OEM Part Number 60100TZ3A90ZZ
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What is CAPA-Certified Part?

Your auto deserves the best replacement components, and this is exactly what you receive with Chicago Auto Body Parts. The product you are currently checking out is intended for ACURA TLX models, manufactured in 2015, 2016, 2017.

The hood is an element that does not usually come up in our head. Fortunately, if your auto has not been in a major crash, you almost certainly will not have a reason to replace the hood.

But regardless how infrequent hood issues are, crashes still take place. A falling item may hit your hood, and there it is. Then replacing the hood remains the only solution.

Yet you do not need to look everywhere to find suitable hood replacement. Here you can get exactly what you need. Plus, we supply painted components, so you can basically get your hood and fit it straight away, with no need to head over to a paint shop.

  1. All painted parts are not returnable and are FINAL SALE. Since this is a customized part, all orders are made to match your specific requirements, and cannot be sold again.

  2. For painted parts and big freight orders make sure to inspect the order before you accept the shipment. If there are any damages on the paint or part, do not accept the shipment; this will be the only way we can submit a damage claim with our shipping partners. Otherwise, you may be charged for shipping and a restocking fee for the damaged part.
OEM Part Number 60100TZ3A90ZZ
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