VOLKSWAGEN GOLF (2/4 DR) (LH Exhaust) HEAD LAMP ASSEMBLY RIGHT (Passenger Side) (HALOGEN)**CAPA** OEM#5K0941006C 2010-2014 PL#VW2503144C

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OEM Part Number5K0941006C
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What is CAPA-Certified Part?

When it comes to your car, very few pieces play as a critical a role as headlamps and lights. They ensure a safe journey through the night and during more difficult weather conditions. They also act like signals for other drivers and pedestrians, making the road a more secure place for everyone.

Nowadays, headlamps have taken on an additional role. In the age of personalization and self-expression, they have become the way to upgrade your vehicle's front end. Whether you like modern or bold appearance, customizing your headlamps lets you show your sophistication on the road.

Another more clear reason why you may be searching for a substitute is signs of wear or harm. In such cases, to guarantee optimal performance and durability, it is necessary to replace any faulty headlamps promptly.

At Chicago Auto Body Parts, we understand the importance of headlamps and lights in the world of driving. When it comes to substitutes, compatibility with your car's make and model is key if you want to ensure a suit that aligns with your automobile's design and structural integrity. That is why we offer you this part designed for VOLKSWAGEN GOLF (2/4 DR) (LH Exhaust) released within 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Embark on your journeys with confidence – explore our selection of premium quality substitutes today!

OEM Part Number5K0941006C
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