How to find your Audi paint code?

If you want to order a new body part for your Audi, you will need to get it in the color of your vehicle. With the painting services of Painted Auto Body Parts that come included with all the parts that can be ordered through us, you can easily get your Audi part in the exact color of your car. However, in order for us to do that, we will need some information about your vehicle – its paint color code.

All Audi models have a color code that can be located within the trunk of the car. You need to check the trunk lid, or on the walls of the rear compartment. The code can also be under the spare tire or the mat. All of that depends on the model and the code itself may also vary, but is usually between 2 and 4 characters. On the image to the right you can see where you should look for your code.

Paint Code Examples for Audi: LY3U, L80V

Audi Paint Code Locator