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Chicago Auto Body Parts

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Chicago Auto Body Parts is located in Addison, Illinois. It’s convenient located close to highways 290 and 294. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality parts at the most suitable price. For the convenience of our clients in Chicagoland, we offer unbitable prices when you come and pickup your order. Please note, that you will be able to pick up your order in 2 to 4 business days at the mentioned location.


We want to give our clients the best OEM parts at a really great price. Have a look at our vast catalog, there you will find all kinds of parts for the most cars driven in the USA. With us you will always receive the perfect value for money, great discounts, reliable parts with guaranteed quality and a friendly service!


Do you need more information? Have a look at our website or simply contact us on our Live Chat or call us at 630-458-0082. Our customer service is available 9am to 5pm - Monday torug Friday.